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A Paperback Bonanza
Daisy Maryles -- 9/29/97
More than half of the mass market list turned over in the last two weeks, higher than usual activity. Last week, there were six new bestsellers. Not surprisingly, two of the newcomers are Andrew Morton's books on Princess Diana. In the #1 slot is Diana: Her True Story (combined sales for first week at Barnes &Noble, Borders, and Waldenbooks totalled more than 55,000 copies; second week was almost 30,000), and in the #2 spot this week is Diana: Her New Life. Pocket went back to press on the first Morton book for a million copies, making 2.2 million copies in print; and for the sequel, Pocket reprinted 400,000 copies, bringing the in-print total to about 680,000. Other newcomers are Tony Hillerman's The Fallen Man (HarperPaperbacks; 800,000 copies in print), Judith McNaught's Remember When (Pocket; 1.3 million copies); Jane Smiley's Pulitzer Prize-winning A Thousand Acres (Ivy; 935,000 in print, plus an additional 1,072,000 in the Fawcett Columbine trade edition); and Catherine Coulter's The Offer (Topaz; first printing, 875,000). This week's two newcomers are To the Hilt by Dick Francis (Berkley; 565,000 first printing, total: 650,000) and James Patterson's Kiss the Girls (Warner). The latter went back for additional printings because of the October movie release; copies in print toal 2,246,8000.

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