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Princess Books Get Published Through 1999
Judy Quinn -- 10/6/97
The next two months will see the publication of most of the Diana pictorial books, the S&S hardcover update Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story Commemorative Edition (with its hot foreword confirming that Diana cooperated with the book), as well as Donald Spoto's biography on Diana from Harmony. Now a more long-term Diana appears on the horizon: SMP, which will have its own pictorial book out soon, has acquired the rights to a biography of Diana by Anne Edwards, who last profiled Barbra Streisand for Little, Brown. Edwards has also written about the royals before, in Matriarch (1984), about Queen Mary, and Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (1990). SMP editor Calvert Morgan negotiated the rumored six-figure deal with ICM agent Mitch Douglas and stresses this won't be a "hasty, exploitative cut-and-paste biography, but a serious work that will take a full year to research and write." That said, the house is naturally planning a fall 1999 publication.

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