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Putnam's Triple Play
Daisy Maryles, with Dick Donahue -- 10/6/97
Three novels, all published on the same day (September 22) and all under the Putnam imprint, make a first appearance among the top 10 on this week's hardcover fiction list. In the #5 slot is Dick Francis, who marks his 35th year as a novelist with 10 Lb. Penalty -- the in-print total exceeds 250,000. And the former jockey to the Queen Mother has yet another reason to party: Francis and his wife, Mary, who d s a lot of the research on his books, are marking their 50th wedding anniversary; they'll be among the hundreds of couples celebrating that milestone at a huge party thrown by another golden-anniversary couple, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
In the #7 slot is Kurt Vonnegut's Timequake, his first book in six years. Copies in print total nearly 152,000. Vonnegut has gotten glowing reviews for the book and his pub-date interview on NPR's All Things Considered really got the sales ball rolling. That evening, he appeared at the Union Square Barnes &Noble in New York and the store reported that it was the biggest event the chain has had for a novelist. During the next few weeks, Vonnegut will be traveling to Boston, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco.

Putnam's third winner comes in at #10. It is Robert B. Parker's 30th novel, Night Passage, with about 125,000 copies in print. It's the first book featuring his new creation, Jesse Stone -- a sheriff in a small and very corrupt Massachusetts town. To establish the new character, Parker will be touring 10 cities from coast to coast and making appearances in two dozen bookstores.
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