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Soul Food
Paul Nathan -- 11/10/97
When Rights took a look at the Chicken Soup for the Soul phenomenon on Aug. 12, 1996, the collection of inspirational stories by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen was selling in 30 editions in 24 languages. Many of the foreign publishers had acquired additional entries in what had evolved into a series. Today the original book from Health Communications in Deerfield Beach, Fla,, is available, or about to be, in 30 languages.
Claude Choquette of Montreal Contacts, primary agent for the whole caboodle, reports that as of today there are 13 different titles for adults, plus three for youngsters in the new Chicken Soup for Little Souls series. At this year's Frankfurt fair he and cooperating overseas agents saw the total for foreign licenses pass the 150 mark.

Also at Frankfurt Choquette presented his idea of a Chicken Soup for the Global Soul to publishers already ladling out soup. He invited each to contribute two or three stories by local authors for inclusion in volumes specially tailored to their own countries' readership. Canfield and Hansen are to edit these and supply supplemental material, with Choquette as co-editor/author. Simultaneous publication throughout the world is planned for early 1998. An official launch of the 40-odd global versions will take place in Frankfurt next year in conjunction with the fair's celebration of its 50th anniversary.
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