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An Angry Eve
Paul Nathan -- 11/10/97
From Barry Sonnenfeld, director of Get Shorty and Men in Black, one expects pictures with an edge of tongue-in-cheek wit. That may be what he'll make of Vespers, a novel just bought in outline by Sonnenfeld-Josephson Productions, although from advance reports the author, Jeff Rovin, appears to have poured his horror straight. His heroine, a mammalogist with the Bronx Zoo, is called upon to rid the tunnels under Grand Central Terminal of bats. Next, assigned to deal with bats nesting in the Statue of Liberty, she finds herself confronting the Adam and Eve of a new species, a pair with 30-foot wingspreads. After killing Adam, she becomes the object of a relentless nightly pursuit by Eve.
The book was acquired for St. Martin's Press by editor Heather Jackson. Rumor has it that, counting in bonuses, the movie rights could fetch a price in seven figures.

Rovin is a behind-the-scenes writer of the Tom Clancy Op-Center paperbacks. Jody Hotchkiss of Sterling Lord Literistic negotiated the screen sale on behalf of Rovin's representative at the agency, Philippa ("Flip") Brophy.
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