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Unkindest Cut Shows Truth Really Is Stranger
Judy Quinn -- 11/10/97
At press time, there was a -- dare we call it Bobbitt-like? -- buzz among New York editors about what has to be one of the more incredible true stories pitched recently: thanks to a botched circumcision, one of identical twin baby boys ends up getting a full castration, and the twins are raised as brother and sister instead of the two brothers they really are. The "sister" twin naturally g s through sexual crisis and conflicts, addressed years later by Johns Hopkins psychological researchers.
The proposed book, which has the working title As Nature Made Him, is the work of journalist John Colapinto and will be his first book. Colapinto's article on the case is expected to be published in Rolling Stone magazine this month. And lest skeptics think the idea won't ultimately -- um -- cut it as a book, let it be known that ICM agent Lisa Bankoff has already accepted a $450,000 floor in the upcoming auction, tentatively scheduled for this Thursday. Stay tuned.
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