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Paul Nathan -- 11/17/97
Prior to filming Deadly Reunion by Jann Arrington Wolcott, Chateau Productions has acquired its sequel, Deadly Reunion II. Both "erotic spiritual thrillers" (there's a combination) are due from small press Merryman Publishing. Wolcott, whose Brujo, Seduced by Evil became a USA Network movie, is represented by Michael Hamilburg.... When her next book, The Magic Land (Macmillan), comes out in spring '98, landscape designer Julie Moir Messervy will promote it with Yo-Yo Ma, her collaborator on a new film documentary, The Music Garden. This tells how they created a performance and recreational park in Boston's civic center. Messervy's agent, Lew Grimes, reports that an earlier book of hers, The Inward Garden (Little, Brown), should just be going on sale in a German edition from Europe Verlag.

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