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Barking Up the Right Tree
Daisy Maryles, with Dick Donahue -- 12/15/97
Is our country going to the dogs? That couple in the White House has just adopted a pooch (could they be feeling the effects of Empty Nest Syndrome?), and last week Good Morning America asked viewers to post suggested names for the First Canine on its website. Thousands of hits were received in 24 hours; among the favored monikers were Hershey (it's a chocolate lab), Sax (g s with First Kitty Socks), and -- perhaps our favorite -- Barkansas. The folks at Algonquin are thrilled by all this dogmania, which is causing sales of its August title, First Dogs: American Presidents and Their Best Friends to go right through the er, woof. The publisher has already augmented the book's 10,000-copy first printing with another 8000 copies, and last week announced a 10,000-copy third run. Orders are coming in "fast and furious," said publicity director Katherine Walton, and the Algonquin folks think this could be the stocking stuffer of the season.

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