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Baldacci's the Winner
Daisy Maryles, with Dick Donahue -- 12/15/97
David Baldacci's third thriller, The Winner, hits the bestseller charts within a week of its December 2 one-day laydown. Warner quickly replenished the first printing of 430,000 with two additional trips to press, bringing the total in print to 485,000. What's keeping Baldacci hopping for much of December is a major booksigning tour -- at least 13 stops -- in Washington, D.C., and his home state of Virginia (where most of the novel is set). Riding high on the mass market charts for the last month is Baldacci's second book, Total Control, with more than 1,307,000 copies in print. His first book, Absolute Power, has about 1,850,000 in print.

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