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Hot Science, Business Book Deals
Judy Quinn -- 1/26/98
Executive editor Barbara Grossman made a rumored seven-figure offer to acquire The Age of Spiritual Machines, a new book by inventor Raymond Kurzweil. Agent Loretta Barrett negotiated the new deal. And Norton's loss is Viking's gain, with the house's rumored $500,000 preempt to agent John Brockman for the next book by How the Mind Works author Steven Pinker. The new book is tentatively titled The Blank Slate: How the Denial of Human Nature Has Made a Shambles of Modern Intellectual Life.
HarperBusiness publisher Adrian Zackheim paid a high-six-figure advance for the next book by Zero-Sum Society guru Lester Thurow (repped by Bill Leigh) a millennial-looking economics book that is scheduled for an early 1999 publication; senior editor Laureen Rowland paid a rumored seven figures for a book by Dell Computer chief Michael Dell (repped by Owen Laster) and marketing v-p Lisa Berkowitz made her first-ever book deal, a six-figure one with agent Sandy Dijkstra for a project titled The Bad Boys of Big Business: Secrets of the Men Who Dare, by Harriet Rubin, former editorial director now editor-at large for Doubleday's own Currency business imprint who last wrote the girl-power business guide The Princessa. Berkowitz had worked with Rubin when the latter was at HarperCollins.
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