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Sneak Previews: Fall 1998 Children's Books, Part II
Compiled by Shannon Maughan -- 2/16/98

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Knopf Paperbacks leads the way with a reissue of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman and reprints of Shots on Goal by Rich Wallace, Mary Mehan Awake by Jennifer Armstrong, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief by Wendelin Van Draanen and Soup 1776 by Robert Newton Peck.

Lee &Low celebrates the season with Baby Born by Anastasia Suen, illus. by Chih-Wei Chang, a description of baby's first year; Gettin' Through Thursday by Melrose Cooper, illus. by Nneka Bennett, about a boy who deals with his family's difficult financial situation; Elizabeti's Doll by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen, illus. by Christy Hale, about a girl and her beloved doll; Cool Melons -- Turn to Frogs!: The Life and P ms of Issa by Matthew Gollub, illus. by Kazuko Stone, an introduction to the Japanese haiku p t's work; and I Had a Hippopotamus by Hector Viveros Lee, a picture book reprint.

Little, Brown d s a double take with Lookalike Land by Joan Steiner, illus. by Thomas Lindley, a "hidden object" activity book; Three by Ed, Rebecca and Michael Emberley, a collection of stories and verse; This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, illus. by Kathy Jakobsen, a picture book of the favorite folk song; The Song of Celestine by James Redfield with Dee Lillegard, based on Redfield's The Celestine Prophecy; and Toot and Puddle: A Present for Toot by Holly Hobbie, more adventures of the pig duo.

Little Tiger makes waves with Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae, illus. by David Wojtowycz, a visit to a rhyme-filled underwater world; and Hurry, Santa! by Julie Sykes, illus. by Tim Warnes, in which Santa oversleeps on Christmas Eve.

Lothrop spells it out with A World of Words: An ABC of Quotations by Tobi Tobias, illus. by Peter Malone, an alphabet book for language lovers; Hide and Seek Elmer by David McKee, in which kids play a game with the patchwork elephant; A Book About God by Barbara Fitch, illus. by Henri Sorensen, a nondenominational introduction to the concept of God; A Tale of a Tail by Judit Bodnar, illus. by John Sandford, about a bear who outwits a fox; and Alfie's ABC by Shirley Hughes, a concept book.

Roxbury Park flips for The Gymnastics Almanac by James Holmes, a guide to the sport for enthusiasts; and Classic Adventure Stories, a collection of tales by such writers as Jack London.

Loyola ponders the season with Do Angels Watch Close By? by Mary Joslin, illus. by Danuta Mayer, a bedtime story; and Saint Francis Celebrates Christmas by Mary Caswell Walsh, illus. by Helen Caswell, about St. Francis's creation of the first manger scene.

Milkweed discovers The Treasure of Panther Peak by Aileen Kilgore Henderson, a novel about a girl who moves with her mother to Big Bend National Park in the 1950s.

Morehouse welcomes fall with Jenny's Prayer by Annette Griessman, illus. by Mary Anne Lard, about a girl who is afraid God isn't listening to her; and God of the Sparrow by Jaroslav Vajda, illus. by Bobbie Tull, an illustrated book of hymns.

Morrow knocks on the door with Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet by Diane de Groat, about a mix-up in the school's Halloween parade; Lost and Found by Rabbi Marc Gellman and Father Thomas Hartman, illus. by Debbie Tilley, in which the "God Squad" discusses loss and grief; A-Hunting We Will Go! adapted and illus. by Steven Kellogg, a take-off on the traditional song; A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, with new illustrations by Diane Goode; and Joan of Arc by Diane Stanley, a picture-book biography.

Beech Tree delivers fall reprints of God's Mailbox: More Stories About Stories in the Bible by Rabbi Marc Gellman, illus. by Debbie Tilley; Molly' s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen, illus. by Dan Duffy; True Lies: 18 Tales for You to Judge by George Shannon, illus. by John O'Brien; Going on Sixteen by Betty Cavanna; and Optical Illusions by Seymour Simon.

Mulberry paints a pretty picture with reprints of Leonardo da Vinci by Diane Stanley; Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt; I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago by Steven Kellogg; and The Warrior and the Wise Man by David Wisniewski.

John Muir packs a fall suitcase with Kidding Around Cincinnati, Kidding Around Philadelphia and Kidding Around San Antonio, new volumes in the series of guidebooks for families traveling with children.

National Geographic keeps its eyes peeled with Watching Desert Wildlife by Jim Arnosky, the naturalist's observations about the Southwest; Zoo in the Sky by Jacqueline Mitton, illus. by Christina Balit, an introduction to constellations; The National Geographic Children's World Atlas; Talking with Adventurers by Pat Cummings and Linda Minor, which collects autobiographical accounts of explorers; and What's the Deal? by Rhoda Blumberg, a behind-the-scenes story of the Louisiana Purchase.

Rising Moon dances into fall with Rainy's Powwow by Linda Theresa Raczek, illus. by J l Spector, in which a girl prepares for a traditional celebration; Best of Enemies by Suzanne Pierson Ellison, a novel about the friendship between two teens on opposing sides of the Civil War; Slim and Miss Prim by Robert Kinerk, illus. by Jim Harris, in which Miss Prim saves Slim from a gang of rustlers; A Gift for Abuelita: A Story About the Day of the Dead by Nancy Luenn, illus. by Robert Chapman; and Snail Girl Brings Water: A Navajo Story by Geri Keams, illus. by Richard Ziehler-Martin.

North-South gets in the swim with a new Rainbow Fish book by Marcus Pfister; The Birthday by Hans Fischer; The Three Nicholases by Peter Grosz, illus. by Giuliano Lunelli, a Christmas story; The Bear's Christmas by Brigitte Frey Moret, illus. by Alexander Reichstein; and a Christmas-themed volume in the Davy series by Brigitte Weninger, illus. by Eve Tharlet.

Oliver shines a spotlight on Women Who Led Nations by Joan Axelrod-Contrada, which profiles Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher and several other women leaders; Utopian Visionaries by Thomas Streissguth, a look at ideal societies; and Puritans, Pilgrims and Merchants: Founders of the Northeastern Colonies and Soldiers, Cavaliers and Planters: Settlers of the Southeastern Colonies, two biographical volumes by Kieran Doherty.

Orca fires up the stove for The Fox's Kettle by Laura Langston, illus. by Victor Bosson, in which magical foxes help a girl save her village; Queen Nadine by Maryann Kovalski, about a cow who loves her farm home; Each One Special by Frieda Wishinsky, illus. by Werner Zimmermann, which stars an inventive cake decorator; Brad's Universe by Mary Woodbury, a YA novel about a boy who finds solace in watching the night skies; and War of the Eagles by Eric Walters, a novel set during World War II.
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