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Here On Oprah
Daisy Maryles, with Dick Donahue -- 3/9/98
Having done some some investigative fieldwork, at press time PW will predict (and we haven't been wrong yet on these guesses) that Alice Hoffman's 12th novel, Here on Earth, is Oprah's next pick for her on-air Book Club. And that is very good news for this author, whose magical books have generally been very well received -- though the one getting the big attention had mixed reviews. It's also good news for Michael Douglas, since his production company bought the movie rights to the book. Here on Earth, published in hardcover last September with a first printing of 100,000, did make our weekly charts for three weeks (highest rank was #14), but net sales were somewhat less. Two of Hoffman's earlier books, Second Nature in 1994 and Turtle Moon in 1992, enjoyed runs of six and eight weeks, respectively, and both landed in the top 10. But all this will change with the "Oprah-ized" Berkley trade edition, which went on sale Friday, March 6. If it g s the way of the previous picks, first printing could be as high as one million copies. And considering the track record of the other Oprah selections, this could be Hoffman's best shot for the coveted #1 slot.

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