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Titanic Books Sail
Daisy Maryles, with Dick Donahue -- 3/9/98
Even before Oscar night, March 23 -- expectations are that Titanic will win most of its 14 nominations -- the blockbuster's effect on book sales continues to reach new heights. Movie pundits figure that Titanic will become, in another week or two, the all-time top-grossing film. It has only the 1977 Star Wars left to beat and it has been #1 at the box office for 11 consecutive weeks. It's no surprise, then, that still more related titles are appearing on the regional and national charts; two debut on PW's paperback lists this week. Avon's The Night Lives On hits the mass market chart at the #15 spot, with 300,000 copies in print after four trips to press. On the trade paper list, Titanic: An Illustrated History also lands at #15, with 275,000 copies in print; the hardcover edition has 153,000 copies in print. There are 13 Titanic titles among the top 100 bestselling books on USA Today's list (that is, if you count the three Leonardo DiCaprio books) -- certainly a record for book/movie tie-ins. DiCaprio's star magic, which certainly has had an effect on Titanic's movie rankings, is also helping sales for another movie tie-in, The Man in the Iron Mask, which debuts on March 13 in the theaters. Booksellers are already reporting the Signet edition of the Alexander Dumas classic among their bestsellers and it's #110 on the USA Today chart.

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