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What's Black &Blue and Read All Over?
Daisy Maryles -- 4/13/98
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling novelist Anna Quindlen is Oprah's #14 pick for her on-air book club (announced April 9). The book, her current hardcover bestseller, Black and Blue, has been on PW's chart for 10 weeks so far. PW's starred review noted that this was Quindlen's "best novel yet... [an] unerringly constructed and paced, emotionally accurate tale of domestic abuse.'' When it first made the list, Random House reported 150,000 copies in print. After Quindlen's 14-city tour, the total print figure was up to 205,000. To meet the anticipated demand, Random went back to press for 600,000 more copies, bringing the in-print total to 805,000. Considering the impact Oprah has had on the previous picks, the opportunity for Quindlen to go to the #1 spot is good -- #4 is the highest position she has reached so far on our hardcover charts, with Black and Blue.

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