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N.H. Court Dismisses D'day Author Libel Suit
Diane Patrick -- 4/27/98
A Concord, N.H., federal jury has found that former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly did not libel A.J. Faigin, his former sports agent, in his 1992 autobiography, Armed and Dangerous.
Published by Doubleday and written with Vic Carucci, the book stated that Kelly fired Greg Lustig Pro Sports, where Faigin was an officer, and that the firm and Faigin had mismanaged his money. Faigin sued for unspecified damages, charging that Kelly had ruined his reputation and cost him more than $1 million in business.

"It's very rare for libel suits to go to trial," said BDD spokesperson Stuart Applebaum, who pointed out that although Doubleday was not named as a party to the suit, BDD in-house counsel Linda Steinman, assisted by local counsel, defended Kelly through discovery and the trial itself. Coauthor Vic Carucci was dismissed from the case before trial on the grounds that he relied on Kelly's representations.
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