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Legal Eagles Online
Calvin Reid -- 4/27/98
"We hope to create a New York Review of Books on the law," explained Ronald Collins, c ditor, with David Skover, of Books-on-Law, a new monthly online legal literary review. BOL is a lively, academically oriented subsite of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law's online forum Jurist, an information-packed website that provides all manner of information on legal scholarship and pedagogy. BOL offers accessible reviews of trade and academic titles, "no footnotes and not too technical," said Collins. "Lay readers should be comfortable." The nonprofit site also offers regularly updated subject category listings of current law titles (more than 200 in 1997) and, of course, book reviews, eight to 10 each month by eminent legal professors and -- Collins is quick to note -- judges. This month's inaugural issue features reviews by eight sitting judges, "a first for any publication," according to Collins. The May issue will feature an interview (in RealAudio and transcript) with Edward Lazarus, author of the controversial high court expose Closed Chamber: The First Eyewitness Account of the Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court (Times Books). Upcoming features include a special issue on the law and fiction; an interview with NYU Press director Nikko Pfund and much more.

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