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Nonfiction Moves
-- 5/11/98
What a week for hardcover nonfiction - five new books hit the top 15 and two more new titles are percolating right below. Leading the charts at most of the national chains was Triumph of Justice: The Final Judgment on the Simpson Saga by Daniel Petrocelli with Peter Knobler. Crown launched the book with a 185,000-copy printing. Media attention intensified, noted the publisher, after the author's Dateline appearance, during which he made the claim that O.J. Simpson's murderous rage was spurred by his wife Nicole's affair with Marcus Allen. This Thursday (May 14), Petrocelli ("amazingly articulate" is the general consensus, and he must be, to get people to buy yet another book on the trial of the century) will do a one-hour Larry King with F. Lee Bailey. Other appearances included Today and Charlie Rose. He is also on the road this month, for a 12-city tour.Among the other new bestsellers-some discussed below-are Kathleen Norris's Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith from Riverhead and Edward O. Wilson's Consilience from Knopf; both are in the week's top 20. Entomologist Wilson has a small role in another new nonfiction bestseller; he wrote the foreword for Gary Larson's new book.

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