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Hot Deals: Political Bios
Judy Quinn -- 5/25/98
Among the many interested publishers, it was Little, Brown executive editor Rick Kot's $600,000 world rights offer to agent John W. Wright that won an upcoming biography of John F. Kennedy. It will be written by Robert Dallek, whose second and concluding volume of his LBJ bio, Flawed Giant, is just out from Oxford University Press. While one would imagine Little, Brown has well mined the Kennedy myth with last year's bestseller The Dark Side of Camelot, Kot said that the coming years will bring key releases of documents from the Kennedy archives. Publication of what will be a one-volume book is tentatively planned for 2002, and Little, Brown has already clinched a German rights deal.
Thinking about possible future presidents, Random senior editor Jon Karp and Times Books publisher Peter Bernstein jointly approached Dallas Morning News political reporter David Minutaglio, represented by agent David Smith, to write First Son: George W. Bush &the Bush Dynasty, with the editors hoping the book will be for this Texas governor and possible Republican presidential hopeful what David Maraniss's First in His Class was for a pre-presidential Clinton.
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