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Talley Moves His Imprint to SMP
-- 5/25/98
Truman "Mac" Talley has moved his imprint, Truman Talley Books, from E.P. Dutton to St. Martin's, effective May 21. Talley told PW he decided to make the switch after 15 years at the house because "most of the people I knew at Dutton left. I'm delighted to be at St. Martin's."
Talley will continue to publish six to 10 nonfiction books per year in the areas of business and finance, biography, history, medical narratives, management, nature and science. Talley's most recent success was The Bankers by Martin Mayer. Truman, who will report to St. Martin's editor-in-chief Bob Wallace, will take some projects that were in the early stages at Dutton to St. Martin's.
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