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Hot Deals: Another 'Ashes' Contender?
Judy Quinn -- 6/1/98
Comparing an upcoming book to Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes is become almost as common as all those first novels purporting to be the next Horse Whisperer or The Bridges of Madison County. But the bidding wars for Irish theater director and producer Peter Sheridan's memoir, Dublin Made Me, gives some justification to the claim this time around. Agent Darley Anderson first negotiated a high-six-figure deal with Macmillan U.K. for British/Commonwealth rights; simultaneously, his rights manager, Kerith Biggs, accepted a high pre-empt from Italian publisher Mondadori. Working through subagents, Anderson and Biggs struck deals in The Netherlands (Anthos), Sweden (Forum), Denmark (Munksgaard) and France (Lattes). German publisher Econ won the fiercely contested auction in that country with a DM 325,000 deal. In the U.S., Viking editors Jon Burnham and Kathryn Court won over four other publishers with a $325,000 offer. Sheridan is also developing the book for a feature film with his brother Jim, director of My Left Foot and, most recently, The Boxer.

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