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Hot Deals: Fergie: Almost With Regan, But Back to S&S
Judy Quinn -- 6/8/98
The recent shopping of the next book by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has all the convolutions you'd expect in a celebrity book deal. Although represented by ICM agent Esther Newberg for her S&S bestselling memoir, My Story, Fergie this time around was escourted to publishers by agent Al Lowman. The reason? Fergie's book, the tentatively titled Soul Purpose: Finding Your True Self in the Midst of Motherhood, is a project co-owned by Fergie and Momentum, a family entertainment licenser with which Lowman, who has handled lifestyle-type celeb books for Suzanne Somers and others, previously had done business. (Newberg, when contacted by PW, said she still represents the Duchess, with some possible TV deals imminent.) Publishing insiders also were tickled by the fact that the other serious bidder for the project was Judith Regan, who was once represented by Lowman until a falling-out left a permanent rift between the two. Rumor has it that Regan was interested enough to suggest a two-book deal, but then negotiations fell apart, with S&S's rumored high-six-figure bid for world English rights for one book emerging triumphant. The deal is significantly less than the $2-$3 million Fergie was rumored to have received for her memoir. The new book, to be edited by senior editor Dominick Anfuso, is planned for Mother's Day 1999 publication.

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