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Hot Deals: Cosby, Hillary Clinton Books Rushed for Fall...
Judy Quinn -- 6/8/98
Both Bantam and S&S are dropping into their fall lists "celebrity" books that draw on material from kids, in the mode of Rosie O'Donnell's Kids Are Punny, a 625,000-copy hit for Warner last year (follow-up Punny 2 is coming this October). Although still awaiting some final sign-offs before formally announcing the deal, Bantam started telling media and booksellers at BEA that in September it will release Kids Say the Darndest Things, a hardcover book by Bill Cosby containing a collection of quotes from children that ties into his new CBS series, a revival of the old Art Linkletter concept of the 1960s. William Morris agent Mel Berger made what sources say is a seven-figure deal with Bantam publisher Irwyn Applebaum.
And while many of us are more interested in the letters and papers to and from their owners, Dear Socks, Dear Buddy, a collection of letters children have sent to the nation's First Pets, with accompanying pet photographs, will be the next book by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, to be published by S&S this November. Mrs. Clinton will write the book's introduction, discussing the importance of children writing in this book, which joins the Millie's Book stable showcasing First Pets. As with her 500,000-copy seller It Takes a Village, this deal, negotiated by Washington lawyer Bob Barnett, has no advance. All royalties will be donated by S&S to charity, in this case the National Parks Foundation, and S&S will also donate a portion of its profits. Mrs. Clinton's media tour may include some bookstore stops.
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