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Hot Deals: Scribner's Tragedy and Triumphs
Judy Quinn -- 6/29/98
The house isn't yet commenting on whether there's any chance for completion of Laws of Madness, a proposed $600,000-advance book by Michael Laudor, about his schizophrenia, that is now in limbo after Laudor killed his pregnant girlfriend on June 18. The manuscript was to have been delivered in August and had a $1.5-million Imagine Films deal as well.
But that same week Scribner, along with Pocket, bid and eventually acquired U.S. hard/soft rights to John le Carre's international banking thriller Single &Single, which was shopped to other houses following the author's exodus from longtime publisher Knopf. Scribner, which made the deal with le Carre's lawyer Michael Rudell, will publish the book in March 1999 and there will be a simultaneous S&S audio. Sources told PW that offers for the book had topped $2.5 million.
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