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Taiwan Contacts '98
-- 7/1/98
Bardon Chinese Media Agency
3F, No 1-1, Hsin-Hai Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan 10718 ROC
tel 886-2-2365-5753 or 886-2-2368-8779
fax 886-2-2365-8148 or 886-2-2365-2615
email bardon@ms12.hinet.net or Phillip@ms2.hinet.net
Phillip C. Chen, Wang Jian-Mei
Big Apple Tuttle Mori Agency, Inc.
I-tung Street, Alley 19, No 8, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2506-7828
fax 886-2-2506-5827
email bigapple1@compuserve.com or luc.kwanten@mci2000.com
Luc Kwanten
Lily Chen
China Times Publishing Company
5F, 240 Hoping W Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2303-7845
fax 886-2-2302 7844
email isam@ms1.hinet.net
Amy Mo, President
Joyce Yen, International Rights Director
Cite Publishing, Ltd.
11F, No 213 Sec 2 Hsin Yi Rd, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2396-5698
fax 886-2-2357-0954
email mis@cite.com.tw or htjan@pchrome.com.tw
website http://www.pchome.com.tw Hung-Tze Jan, Publisher and CEO
The Commercial Press, Ltd.
37, Section 1, Chungking South Road, Taipei ROC
tel 886-2-2371-0946
fax 886-2-2389-2264 or 886-2-2371-0274
email rex@ms1.hinet.net or trnr466@ibm.net
Rex How, President
Commonwealth Publishing Company
2F, #1, Lane 93, Sung-Chiang Rd, Taipei, Taiwan 10428 ROC
tel 886-2-2517-3688
fax 886-2-2507-6735
email tlin@email.gcn.net.tw or cwpc@ms1.hinet.net
Charles H.C. Kao, President
Cynthia Chang, Sr. Rights Representative
Tien-Lai Lin, Vice President
Ching-Yuen Wu, Editor-at-Large
Crown Culture Corporation
50 Lane 120, TunHwa North Road, Taipei, ROC
tel 886-2-2716-8888
fax 886-2-2713-3422 or 886-2-2716-1793
email crownpub@ms17.hinet.net
Ping Shin-tao, Founder
Miss Lu Chun-Hsu, Managing Editor
Emily Chuang, Rights
Ping Yun, Vice President
Eslite Corporation
B2, 245 Tunhua South Road, Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2775-5977
fax 886-2-2711-5507
email purchase@email.eslite.com.tw
Anna Lee, Manager, Procurement Department
Meiling Lo, Manager
Hsinex International Corporation and Hsin-Yi Foundation
75, 1F, Chung-Ching S. Road, Sec 2 Taipei ROC
tel 886-2-23965303 or 886-2391-3384
fax 886-2-2396-5015
email santee@hsin-yi.org.tw
Mrs. Ho Sing-Ju, Executive Director
Santee Wen, Director of Rights in 1998
Linking Publishing Company
555, Sec 4, Chung-Hsiao East Road, Taipei 10516 ROC
tel 886-2-2763-4300, ext 5040
fax 886-2-2756-7668
email linden@s867.thu.edu.tw
Linden T.C. Lin, Editorial Director
Living Psychology Publishers
B1, No 325, Sec 3, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
tel 886-2-2369-7959
fax 886-2-2363-7110
email a7959@ms22.hinet.net
Doris Kuen-Hwa Wang, Editor in Chief
Locus Publishing Company
2-3, Alley 20, Lane 142, Sec 6, Roosevelt Road, Taipei (PO Box 16-28, Hsin Tien) ROC
tel 886-2-935-7190
fax 886-2-935-6037
email locus@ms12.hinet.net
Rex How, President
Money Cultural Enterprise Company
14F, Tunhwa North Road, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2713-5388
fax 886-2-2715-4657
email newsline@ms8.hinet.net or wealthy@ms8.hinet.net
Jessie Wang, Founder
Annie Chu, Managing Editor
Karen Lee, Managing Editor
Margaret YC Chang, Project Manager
SENSEIO (New Schoolmates Foundation for Culture & Education)
259 Tun Hwa South Road, Sec 1, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2703-7777, ext 818
fax 886-2-2704-9948
email wliao555@aol.com
Su Shi-Tzu Liaw, Publisher, Liao Wei-Ting
Taiwan Mac Educational Company, Ltd.
11Fl, No. 51-2, Nanking East Rd, Section 4, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
tel 886-2-2717-3523
fax 886-2-2717-3693
Thomas Huang, General Manager
Meiling Lai, Manager
TIBE 1998 Organizing Committee
B2, 465 Sec 6 Chung-Shiao E. Rd, Taipei ROC
tel 886-2-2786-6556
fax 886-2-2653-4145
email info@tibe.com
website http://www.tibe.com
Jennifer Hsu
Crystal Lee
Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd. Wang Jung-Wen, Publisher & Chairman Jennifer Wang, Rights Director, Deborah (Shuling) Chen tel 2-2365-1212, fax 886-2-2365-7979, -2417 wang@yuanliou.ylip.com.tw, jenny@yuanliou.ylib.com.tw, eric@yuanliou.ylib.com.tw www.ylib.com.tw 7F-5, 184, Sec 3 Ding Chou Rd, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
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