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Two New Imprints from HarperCollins
Jim Milliot -- 6/29/98
HarperCollins will launch two new publishing imprints this fall -- HarperEntertainment and HarperResource. The entertainment imprint will be headed by John Silbersack, while Linda Cunningham will led the resource imprint. Both will have the title of senior vice-president, publishing director, and will be responsible for the creative direction and business development of the imprints, which will be part of the HC adult trade group. Silbersack and Cunningham will report to David Steinberger, president of the adult trade group.
HarperEntertainment will offer products related to movies, TV, celebrities, music and sports and will publish hardcover and trade paperbacks as well as a variety of ancillary materials such as calendars. Silbersack will have offices in New York and Los Angeles and will work with Lucy Hood, senior vice-president, entertainment publishing. Noting the success HC has had with media tie-ins such as The X-Files and James Cameron's Titanic, Silbersack said he would like to make the new imprint "the entertainment book publisher of choice." Among the first properties to carry the HarperEntertainment logo will be books on the NBA, The X-Files and NASCAR.

HarperResource will be an attempt by Cunningham to revitalize the HarperReference program she once headed. In addition to books, the imprint will publish audio and online products as well as a variety of combinations. According to Cunningham, HarperResource's strategy will be to focus on developing branded publishing programs. It already has partnerships with Johns Hopkins University, the American Bird Conservancy and the Emily Post Institute and plans to expand its ACCESS travel and golf programs.

HC president and CEO Jane Friedman observed that "the launch of HarperEntertainment and the emergence of HarperResource reflect our strategy of identifying our strengths, playing to them and then taking a dominant position in the category."
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