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What They Wont Do For Yogi
-- 6/29/98
Workman's The Yogi Book -- by one of baseball's most beloved hall-of-famers, Yankee catcher and later team manager Yogi Berra -- was a natural Father's Day gift and was included in many store promotions. Yogi visited his hometown, St. Louis, Mo., on June 18 and 19 with plans to sign at the Famous Barr department store, followed by stops at Library Ltd. and a local Sam's Club. However, the crowd was so big at stop #1 that the supply of books was insufficient. Library Ltd. was kind enough to send over some of its copies; when those dwindled, Sam's Club sent over some of its supply. Friday morning, Sam's sold out its remaining copies and had special bookplates on hand for Yogi to sign. Some 2500 books were sold at the three events, and orders were taken for many more. Last Wednesday (June 24) Yogi was on Imus in the Morning for about 20 minutes -- another program that has proven to be a great book booster. Workman's fifth printing brings the in-print total to 270,000.

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