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Hot Deals: A Michael Connelly Movie Soon?
Judy Quinn -- 7/6/98
It's starting to look that way, with still another film deal for thriller writer Michael Connelly. On the basis of just a 37-page proposal, Renaissance agent J l Gotler, working on behalf of Connelly's agent, Philip G. Spitzer, made a $1-million deal, plus another $500,000 to come at production, with producer Bill Gerber and Warner Bros. for an outright sale of Void Moon, a non-Harry Bosch thriller about a female prowler who steals from the wrong person. Connelly is writing the screenplay first and then the novel, which is expected to be part of his current deal with Little, Brown, an amazing (and rare) five-book, world rights deal that has already led the house to sell five books outright to Orion U.K. and begins with this coming fall's title Angels Flight, which will once again feature L.A. police detective Bosch. Interestingly, it is Connelly's non-Bosch thrillers that have achieved some of Connelley's biggest jumps in sales, says his editor, Michael Pietsch. First there was the serial-killer thriller The P t, currently under development at HBO, and then Blood Work, Connelly's bestseller breakout that jumped him from a previous hardcover net of about 55,000 to more than 200,000. The latter is under development in a seven-figure deal with Warner Bros. Pictures and Clint Eastwood's Malpaso Productions."I bet you'll see a Connelly movie within the year," predicts Gotler.

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