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Stuttaford Retires From 'PW'
-- 7/13/98
Genevieve Stuttaford has retired as Forecasts nonfiction editor, after 23 years with Publishers Weekly. Prior to joining the PW staff in 1975, Stuttaford reviewed for Kirkus Reviews, was associate editor at the Saturday Review and was on the staff of the San Francisco Chronicle for 12 years. During the period that Stuttaford was with Publishers Weekly, book reviewing was greatly expanded, from an average of 3800 titles a year in the 1970s to well over 6500 titles in 1997.
Stuttaford was an active member of the National Book Critics Circle, and a frequent judge for the International Association of Cooking Professionals and the James Beard Book Awards.

Stuttaford will continue to be involved with books, and will be handling literary events for the members of the National Arts Club, beginning in September. She can be reached at 336 E. 50th St., Apt. 4A, New York, N.Y. 10022.

Maria Simson has assumed primary responsibility for nonfiction reviews. Jeff Zaleski remains editor at large, while continuing to cover some nonfiction areas. Jonathan Bing is now a nonfiction editor, as well as editor of PW Interviews.
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