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Summertime for Sisters
-- 7/27/98
Delacorte is having a very good run with Judy Blume's Summer Sisters, which moves to the #3 spot in its 10th week on the national charts. Currently there are 400,000 copies of the book in print after 16 trips to press. During two weekends this month, the publisher targeted beach readers with banners proclaiming "Read Judy Blume's Summer Sisters" flown over the shores of Long Island, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Southern California and Maryland/Delaware. Blume will make appearances on the Vineyard (the main setting for the book) and on Cape Cod. A Web site designed by Dell for the book (www.summersisters.com) earned a place on Seventeen magazine's "Cool-O-Meter." The site featured an essay contest to reunite a pair of long-lost best friends and now Dell has enlisted a professional search agency to reunite the winner, Yvette Pompa of Altadena, Calif., with her childhood friend Roxanne; the pair will receive a weekend trip to the city of their choice.

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