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Hot Deals: 'Meg' Sequel Lands at Kensington
Judy Quinn -- 7/27/98
"It's a great beach book that's worth our more moderate commitment," said Kensington editor-in-chief Paul Dinas of his low-six-figure pickup of The Trench, the sequel to "Jurassic Shark" thriller Meg. The latter book was the first of a $2.2-million, two-book deal Alten had with Doubleday, which decided to drop Alten's second book, Fathom -- an action that brought about a breach-of-contract lawsuit by Alten that was recently settled. In a deal negotiated by Alten's literary manager, Ken Atchity, Kensington acquired hard/soft rights to The Trench (Fathom remains unsold at press time) and plans to publish the book next summer.

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