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Allen &Osborne: A Press for Gen X
Judith Rosen -- 8/10/98
The Boston-based publishing consulting firm Allen &Osborne Inc. is now a book publisher as well.
The company's first book, Day Job: A Workplace Reader for the Restless Age, by the company's 26-year-old art director, Jonathan Baird, is aimed at computer savvy Gen-Xers and will be published in September. Baird wrote and illustrated the book in nine months as part of his own "day job," while A&O editorial director Carol Allen provided research.

There will be no royalty payments -- Baird has equity in the company. The primary marketing thrust is via the Internet through a dedicated site, www.dayjob.com. "We're trying to be innovative," said Baird, "and anticipate the needs of the new-media consumer." In September, a number of chat rooms will be added to generate content for the paperback in spring '98, said founder Laurence Allen.The first printing was 5000 copies and LPC will distribute the book to the general trade.

A&O will continue as both consultants and as publishers. There will be a new book by Baird in fall 1999, as well as a collection of short stories written and illustrated by people under 30.
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