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Top of the Charts With Morrie
-- 8/10/98
It's been 40 weeks since Tuesdays with Morrie hit the charts and the book has not been below the #4 slot since the beginning of April. A mid-July (14 and 15) two-part series on Nightline that re-aired footage of Ted Koppel's interview with Morrie Schwartz and included interviews with the author, Mitch Albom, spurred some of the recent sales. In fact, Barnes &Noble nationwide sold more than 22,000 copies the week before, the week of and the week after the Nightline broadcasts. Doubleday is also focusing on a grassroots campaign for Tuesdays that includes mailings to Unitarian ministers, Reformed rabbis, counselors and college bookstore buyers. The book was launched last September with a 25,000-copy first printing; 43 trips to press later copies in print total 853,810.

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