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Ulysses Press Adding New Imprint
K. Zandvakili -- 8/10/98
Ulysses Press of Berkeley, Calif., is launching a new imprint called Seastone with 11 new spiritual titles and seven titles that are currently being published under the Ulysses logo. The first book to be released under the new imprint, Music of Silence, will be in stores in mid-August. Five more titles are expected to be published over the next two months. "Seastone" is publisher Ray Reigert's pen name, and Reigert described the imprint as "trying to demythologize religion. What we're doing is multidenominational," he said. Pointing to the range of subject matter within the imprint, he added, "Americans are taking a cafeteria approach to religion at the moment. And so we're pricing and choosing different elements." Referring to the already crowded field of books on spirituality, sales and marketing manager Bryce Willett said, "We are doing mid-list authors. Not all of our titles will sell 25,000 copies and that's okay."
Copublishers Reigert and Leslie Henriquez, who started Ulysses in 1983 with the travel guide Hidden Hawaii, now have 75 titles in print on travel, alternative health and spirituality, all distributed by PGW. Practical travel guides to various states, tropical islands and the Disney parks are still the core of Ulysses's business, accounting for more than half of its sales. Alternative health guides, which make up one-third of Ulysses's titles, were introduced in 1993.
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