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Fall 1998 Children's Book Announcements
Diane Roback and Cindi Di Marzo -- 8/6/98
Autumn is a time of change: schools open their doors while beaches close for the season; corduroys and sweaters replace cutoffs and bathing suits; and, of course, book publishers release a new batch of titles to attract the attention of young readers.
Although this seasons' group of books is, as usual, diverse, there are some unifying trends. While publishers continue to branch out, finding fresh formats that appeal to a wide audience, a number of houses have launched lines or imprints that focus in on particular audiences, such as African Americans and parents looking to explain and involve their children in New Age practices. Books that encourage budding artists are also increasing in number, including biographies of inspiring figures like Georgia O'Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, and Clementine Hunter. And while beloved authors continue to produce solid work, newcomers are following up on strong debuts, on their way to becoming familiar names in the field. Of interest to older readers, the direction of YA is moving further into the area of gripping plots dealing with today's most urgent issues.

Beyond the individual titles, in this issue we look at how children's booksellers continue to battle competition while facing new challenges. We also discuss the many creative strategies publishers are using to reissue popular backlist titles. Happy reading, and happy fall!

This article originally appeared in the print edition of PW on 7/20/98.
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