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Children's Bookbag
-- 8/24/98
The Sweetest Discovery
When author Charles Tazewell died in 1972 he had already left a great legacy behind, including his perennially popular children's book The Littlest Angel (Ideals). First published in 1946, the Christmas story has been back to press more than 50 times and is considered one of the most successful children's books of all time.
Now, 26 years after Tazewell's death, comes The Littlest Uninvited One (Ideals, Oct.), a picture book about a young angel who wants a pet and becomes responsible for the acceptance of dogs into the Celestial City. Why the long wait for publication? The manuscript was only recently discovered by a relative. In late 1996, Tazewell's great-niece happened upon it and several other manuscripts in an attic trunk filled with family heirlooms and mementos. Another of these lost stories, The Littlest Tree, was released last fall and has already sold more than 50,000 copies. "For Tazewell's long-standing fans, this is a very big deal," said publicist Steven Robinson. "And for everyone else, it's a great opportunity to discover his work."

Children's Writers to Speak at Forum
Four authors will be participating in a forum on writing for children at New York City's New School for Social Research. Moderated by Deborah Brodie, executive editor of Viking Children's Books, the forum will take place over four Tuesday night sessions, all beginning at 6 p.m. The appearance schedule is as follows: October 20, Jules Feiffer (The Man in the Ceiling); November 24, Rita Williams-Garcia (Like Sisters on the Homefront); December 8, Richard Peck (Strays Like Us); and December 15, Jon Scieszka (The Stinky Cheese Man). The fee for all four sessions is $15; single admission is $5. Tickets are available at the New School, 66 W. 12th St.; (212) 229-5548.
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