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Fanning the Lines
-- 8/24/98
She's been dubbed "a legend" and "a phenomenon" by two leading newspapers; she's often credited with inventing the modern historical romance novel; her books have more than 33 million copies in print. And now this author is about to give her fans what they've waiting 25 years for. The lady is megastar Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, who has at last penned a sequel to 1972's The Flame and the Flower. The Elusive Flame will be published in October as an Avon trade paperback with a scheduled first printing of more than 800,000 copies. Meanwhile, Woodiwiss's many devotees have not lacked for reading material: Petals on the River, which Avon published in trade paper last November, was released in a mass market edition four weeks ago -- and today marks its third week on our list. Avon will also publish a specially priced ($3.99) edition of The Flame and the Flower before The Elusive Flame hits the shelves, just in case any readers have forgotten the juicy details. Not bloody likely.

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