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Hot Deals: Spy-ce Girls
John F. Baker -- 9/7/98
What do you get when you mix a trio of action-loving girls a la Charlie's Angels, the international intrigue of Mission: Impossible and the shop-'til-you-drop teen style of Clueless? Probably something like Pocket Books' new Spy Girls series, said William Morris agent Bill Contardi, who just closed a deal with Granada Entertainment to option the rights to the six-book YA series from Pocket's Archway imprint (the books are produced by packager Dan Weiss Associates) in October. The Spy Girls scenario involves three high school girls -- pretty but smart and tough -- who are recruited by a mysterious intelligence agency to take on America's enemies. They also get to do a little shopping and meet some cute guys on the side. "Hollywood is desperate for teen properties," said Nancy Pines, Pocket Books v-p, publisher for young adult books, who pointed out that the prospective Spy Girls TV series (no stars or even writers yet) is being produced by Granada's Kevin Brown, who is also producing the Fox TV series Roswell High, optioned earlier from Pocket Books.

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