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Making the Grade
-- 9/14/98
Tyndale reports that it has sold more than two million copies, both books and audios, of Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins's Left Behind apocalyptic fiction series. The books dominate PW's September religion list (see page 35), with the first three titles in the series, Left Behind, Tribulation Force and Nicolae, holding the top three slots on the paperback list and Soul Harvest in the #1 spot in hardcover. According to marketing director Dan Balow, daily hits on the series' Web site (www.leftbehind. com) average 60,000. Soul Harvest, released in June, has sold more than 350,000 copies. Tyndale also published Left Behind: The Kids, a four-book fiction series for children; over 250,000 copies of these stand-alone novels have been sold since pub date in early July. LaHaye and Jenkins have completed book five in the adult series, tentatively titled Apollyon; it's scheduled for February 1999; book six, which has the working title Assassins, is scheduled for August 1999.

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