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Titanic Tidings
-- 9/14/98
Earlier this year, books about the Titanic were regularly featured in this column. The all-time top-grossing movie and winner of 11 Oscars swept in its wake at least 30 new and backlist titles that enjoyed various levels of bestseller status -- an unprecedented feat. Now the video -- released the week of August 31 -- is racking up significant revenues: $250 million in purchases and rentals during the first six days of release. It accounted for more than 60% of prerecorded videocassettes sold nationwide. All this Titanic commotion is also having an effect on book sales, with a number of titles enjoying renewed sales vigor: James Cameron's Titanic by Ed Marsh et al. (HarperPerennial); Walter Lord's A Night to Remember (Bantam); and, from the children's side, Voyage on the Great Titanic by Ellen Emerson White (Scholastic).

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