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Restructuring at Vivendi/Havas, Gallimard
Herbert R. Lottman -- 9/14/98
Significant changes in the way two major French publishing groups operate will go into effect in the coming months.
At Vivendi/Havas, the country's market leader, dictionary, encyclopedia and school publishers representing more than $300 million in annual sales are being grouped together under CEO Bertrand Eveno as Havas Education et Refrence. Each house will keep its own imprints -- Larousse, Bordas, Nathan and Le Robert, with its affiliated logos.

At Gallimard, trade affiliate Denol, best known abroad for translations of foreign literature, will get a top-to-bottom restructuring. The firm will bring in Olivier Rubinstein as the new CEO. Rubinstein was one of the creators of the 10-franc ($1.65) Mille et Une Nuit's line of slender but serious paperbacks, which has caused commotion and anxiety in the traditional book trade. In a high-profile appointment, Rubinstein has taken on Flammarion foreign editor Helouse d'Ormesson as editorial director, on a team that includes U.S.-born editor Cynthia Liebow, who has been editing a number of Denol series in foreign fiction and nonfiction.

Meanwhile, veteran foreign editor Marie-Pierre Bay moves her list of translated literary fiction from Denol to another Gallimard subsidiary, Mercure de France.
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