Meanwhile, back in New York, The Catsitters, a novel by Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott, was making the rounds recently. It's described as a contemporary story of metropolitan mores and manners, with more than a dash of the author's mordant humor. It was widely submitted, said Wolcott's agent, Elyse Cheney at Sanford J. Greenburger, and at one time there were rumors that seven figures were being sought for two books. In the end, however, the novel went alone for half a million for world rights to executive editor David Hirshey at HarperCollins. According to Cheney, Wolcott will do further work on the book before its publication next year. Also forthcoming from Harper is a collection of essays, including a selection of Wolcott's Vanity Fair pieces, along with some new material. And, yes, there may ultimately -- but not now -- be a second novel dealing with some of the same characters.