The inimitable deep voice of singer/songwriter Barry White won't be audible in the pages of his book, but Broadway Books is hoping that the female audience that has been carried away by his baritone will want to read the inspirational memoir of their idol. Tentatively called Love Unlimited, the book was signed by senior editor Lauren Marino, who bought North American rights from William Morris's Mel Berger for a "solid" six figures. Marino said she had been after a book from White for years but had to wait until he was ready before the deal, exclusively with her, could be done. Not only d s he have an inspirational story to tell -- raised by a single mother in South Central L.A., White was a onetime gang member, whose brother was shot beside him and who ended up in jail -- but his appeal, Marino believes, "crosses the generations." White will collaborate with music writer Marc Eliot on the book, and the pair have already started. Publication is set for fall 1999, when White will release a Christmas album to co-promote with it.