Counting on the supposition that Henry Hyde isn't the only one, among those considering the impeachment of the president, who might have something in their pasts to, um, hide, St. Martin's Press is rushing to press a mass market title, Glass Houses, that examines a number of the representatives and senators who will pass judgment upon the president. The authors are lawyer/author Stanley G. Hilton (Bob Dole: Senator for Sale), who was, incidentally, a friend of prosecutor Kenneth Starr at Duke Law School, and TV psychologist Dr. Anne-Renee Testa. They were brought together by agent Peter Miller, who originally had in mind a collaboration on a book about women who betray their lovers, including some of the women in Bill Clinton's life. When this notion was introduced to SMP editor Tom Dunne, however, he suggested the Glass Houses concept, and the pair instantly set to work. They estimate that about 10% of the 500-odd lawmakers who will be mulling the president's fate have skeletons, generally of a sexual nature, in their closets, and they aim to expose them. SMP is going out with an initial printing of 500,000 copies and plans to have the book in stores by November 3, election day.