Back on September 17, Oprah gave over an entire hour to a discussion of Caroline Myss's two books, Anatomy of the Spirit, first published in 1996, and Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, published in hardcover last fall. Sales immediately leaped and now both books are sitting pretty on the trade paper charts; in fact, Three Rivers rushed the paper edition to the stores a month ahead of announced publication. Myss, a medical intuitive -- one who "sees" illnesses in a patient's body by intuitive means -- spent almost 45 weeks on the road in 1996, often drawing about 1000 people; almost all of her store appearances at that time were at New Age bookstores. When Harmony published her second book last fall, most of her 15-city tour was aimed to a more mainstream audience; it included a Good Morning America interview and PBS taped two hour-long shows featuring Myss that aired last December. The author will be touring most of next month, so the Myss double shot should continue. Currently, Anatomy has 143,000 hardcover copies in print after 17 trips to press and 350,000 trade paperbacks after 13 printings. Why People Don't Heal has 115,000 copies in print in hardcover after five trips to press, and 175,000 copies in trade paper after four printings.