Charlotte Abbott, a former assistant editor at HarperCollins and an editor for the past four years at Avon Books, has joined PW as a nonfiction Forecasts editor, and the roles of the rest of the Forecasts staff have been adjusted to deal with a range of new responsibilities.

Senior editor Sybil Steinberg remains in charge of the overall department and shares fiction reviewing and assigning duties with Jeff Zaleski. Zaleski's areas of responsibility also include science fiction and mysteries; the nonfiction editors, including Abbott, report to him.

Nonfiction editors now include, in addition to Zaleski, Abbott, Jonathan Bing (who also supervises Interviews), Paul Gediman, Michael Scharf and Mark Rotella. Each has specific areas of special interest and expertise; since these areas are flexible, publicity staffs are urged to address review galleys simply to "Fiction Editor" or "Nonfiction Editor," and they will be assigned appropriately in the PW offices. New submission guidelines will be sent out shortly.