Two new San Francisco Bay Area companies have joined the ranks of travel book publishers -- and France is the focus of the inaugural books of both publishers.

Art/Sites, founded by art historian and museum curator Sidra Stich, is launching Art/ Sites-France this month and expects to release Art/Sites-Great Britain and Ireland early next year. A travel guide and handbook on contemporary art and architecture, Art/ Sites- France provides maps and commentary on vanguard buildings, art fairs, film centers, even a patisserie with superbly designed cakes. "It's museums, but not just museums, and we provide text that's a very readable course on art at the same time," said Stich. Art/Sites- France will be distributed by Independent Publishers Group. The first printing was 7000; updates are expected every three years.

France on Foot is the first title from Attis Press, in Napa, Calif. The glossy, large-format, four-color manual by chef Bruce LeFavour (with photos by his wife and walking partner, Faith Echtermeyer) offers insights on everything from signage to proper gear, wine prices to choice of terrain. Also distributed by IPG, France on Foot's initial print run was 5000; it will probably go back to print soon. Copies are also being sold through gift stores and wineries. Publisher Bruce Walden hopes to expand sales by hiring a gift rep. He told PW that Attis Press expects to publish one title a year.