For the last 35 years, if you happened to be looking for a job in book publishing or looking to hire a capable publishing professional, Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment has been the place to go.

Susan Gordon, the owner and president of Lynne Palmer, told PW that as the company celebrates its 35th anniversary "business is strong." Gordon joined Lynne Palmer in 1983 after working in human resources at Random House and she acquired the company in 1989. "We didn't need to change the company's name or philosophy," she said, "But we did need to reach out to other industries related to book publishing."

LP has expanded, serving clients in magazine publishing, corporate communications and multimedia firms, and also handles long-term temporary assignments in all publishing areas.

In 1998 the company opened an office in Minneapolis, Minn., to focus on sales and marketing in the college textbook industry. "We needed a presence outside of New York," Gordon said. Mary Southwell heads the Minneapolis office; she joined LP after working in college textbook publishing.