The Millbrook Press reported that sales for the six-month period ended January 31, 1999, rose 29% to $9.3 million, while net income increased to $321,000 from $252,000. Millbrook reported increased sales to the trade market were due to the addition of the Magic Attic titles, which Millbrook began publishing last year (News, June 8, 1998) as well as higher backlist sales. Sales to the library market continued to benefit from Millbrook's purchase of Twenty-First Century Books plus the introduction of the company's beginning reader program, Real Kids.

Millbrook president Jeff Conrad believes that the company should continue to see solid growth in the second half of fiscal 1999. He said he expects the publisher to receive "additional assistance from our improved direct sales forces calling on our library and retail/wholesale customers," as well as the introduction of Millbrook's new Web site, which will provide libraries electronic "on approval" services (News, Dec. 1, 1998).