Replica Books, Baker &Taylor's on-demand printing service, has announced the launch of its new Web site ( fully searchable site features Replica's database, a catalogue with reviews, annotations and jacket art for each title as well as author biographies.

"We just printed a brochure with our titles in it," said Susan Frost, who heads Replica. "But as our list continues to grow, we thought it would be unwieldy to use only that, so we created the Web site."

Although Replica sells only to wholesalers, the company is encouraging booksellers and librarians to log on as well. To facilitate ordering, the site lists wholesalers who have granted permission to be named. (Most of the major wholesalers, Frost noted, have accounts with Replica.) The company also hopes feedback on the site-visitors are asked to suggest titles-will help expand its database.

To promote the site, Replica has issued business cards and will advertise in the trade press.

Replica, which was formed in June 1997 (News, June 16, 1997), seeks rights or permission to print books that are out-of-stock or out-of-print. It currently offers 250 titles and expects to continually add to its list. There is no minimum ordering requirement for books already on its list.