The management structure of the new Bantam Dell Publishing Group took shape last week as the division's president and publisher Irwyn Applebaum announced a number of new appointments. As part of unifying the heretofore separate Bantam and Dell operations, four prominent Dell executives will be leaving the company, including Leslie Schnur, who had been senior v-p, associate publisher and editor-in-chief of Dell/Delacorte.

Under the reorganization, Nita Taublib, Bantam deputy publisher, has been appointed senior v-p and deputy publisher for Bantam Dell. Taublib will oversee the day-to-day running of the Bantam Dell publishing program and along with Applebaum will supervise the combined Bantam Dell editorial departments, which will consist of the current staffs of the separate Bantam and Dell editorial departments. According to Applebaum, the united Bantam Dell editorial team will acquire books "that that they feel passionate about," and then, in consultation with the authors and their agents, Bantam Dell will determine the appropriate imprint for each book.

The exception to Bantam Dell's dual imprint focus will be Susan Kamil, who will continue to be v-p, editorial director for Dial Press; she will report to Applebaum. Asked how the reorganization will affect title output, Applebaum told PW, "We are constantly assessing the number of titles we do. We may add in some areas and shrink in others."

Other appointments include Gina Wachtel, Bantam's publishing manager, who is now executive publishing manager for Bantam Dell. Betsy Hulsebosch has been named v-p, creative marketing director for the new group. Hulsebosch, who had a similar position at Bantam, will oversee all advertising promotion and promotion art departments.

Cynthia Lasky has been appointed v-p, sales and marketing director for Bantam Dell and will oversee the Dell marketing department. Barb Burg has been named v-p, publicity director for Bantam Dell, and the current Bantam and Dell staffs will report to her.

Jim Plumeri has been named v-p, cover art director, while Phil Rose, Dell's art director, has been given a new role as special cover consultant. Amanda Mecke will oversee the Bantam and Dell sub rights staffs as v-p, subsidiary rights director. Karen Mender, who had been Dell's associate publisher and executive director of marketing, has been appointed to the newly created post of v-p, strategic planning.

Applebaum noted that the heads of the various departments will be charged with making any other personnel decisions. "Our goal is to have a unified staff," Applebaum said.

In addition to Schnur, others leaving the former Dell/Delacorte are Carisa Hays, v-p, publicity director; Ronni Stolzenberg, v-p, creative marketing director; and Libby Jordan, v-p, marketing director.